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Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
first is the lincoln bible used by the president four years ago for his initial swearing-in, same used by president lincoln when he was sworn in the first time in 1861 and that will be on top of the king family bible, which is then graciously provided for the ceremony by the king family. excuse me. kelley clarkson will then thing our country to city before poet richard blank a recent original poems written for this occasion. for very excited pitcher will be joining us. he's the youngest ever and not real appellate-- poet. .. which will take place after the luncheon. >> thank you. as i said i am michelle roberts from joint task force and apical -- are task force had the responsibility for planning and courtney being the military ceremony is support for the now girl activities. once the luncheon is complete, the president come to the first lady the vice president of the second leg will be escorted out to these front of the capital where they will be greeted by mage or general michael lamington the commander of the task force and he will escort them down the steps to take what is cal
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
of the emancipation proclamation. abraham lincoln has done us a great emancipator. i thought at the political emancipation story and a man named moses. as for effects on moses, either to lift up free ideas from his father that my speak to all of us today as leaders in our country and in some ways particular to those of you in the highest authority of our land. i began first with a hard and character of moses. there's two things we learned about mrs. hartman character in the scriptures. numbers of this moses is a humble man. god chooses and users those who humble themselves before him and before others. young mary, mother of jesus in her bag for cuts as god scatters the proud in their hearts, but was absolutely. jesus teaches the same thing when he turns to his disciples who were arguing the night before he would be crucified which one was the greatest and he says, you don't understand. that's had the kings of the world operate, but that is not how you operate. the first among you, the one who would be great would be your servant and then he watched his disciples feet. that is his hu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2